What We Do

We provide sustainable alternatives for organic by-products from food manufacturers

Material Managed

We reintroduced (upcycled) more than 100,000,000 lbs of by-product back in the economy last year

Sustainable Results

Our efforts resulted in real economic and environmental savings for our customers and the planet

Service Oriented

Providing best in class service to more than 100 customers across a variety of markets

How It Works

Step One

We take food manufacturing residuals including but not limited to chocolate, pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies, breads, sugars, nuts, and raw ingredients.

Step Two

We provide equipment and transportation solutions along with best in class service for the aggregation and removal of the by-products for processing at our facilities.

Step Three

We process, depackage and mill the organic residuals through a proprietary blending process to create a high energy feed ingredient or valued compostable material.


Graybill Processing’s efforts in reducing the environmental footprint for food manufacturers has provided our customers significant economic value and made a tangible impact on the environment.

A Trusted Partner

Since 1986, Graybill Processing, LLC has offered comprehensive, sustainable, and cost effective by-product management solutions to the food manufacturing industry. With over 100 partners across a variety of markets, Graybill has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Our success in the market has been driven by our commitment to providing best in class service and customer experience. Our proactive, unbiased approach brings your financial and environmental goals to the forefront. Whether your needs are specific to the site level or based on a broader corporate initiative, our dedicated team will provide a solution tailored to your individual needs.


Graybill Processing’s by-product diversion efforts have saved:

13,388 Mature Trees

That’s enough timber to produce 165,877,320 sheets of newspaper

2,819,000 Kw-hr of electricity

That's enough power for the annual energy needs of 217 homes

277,800 gallons of oil

That's enough energy to heat and cool more than 1,210 homes for one year

4,200,000 gallons of water

That's enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs of 56,000 Americans

14,400 gallons of gasoline

That's enough gasoline for Americans to drive 403,200 miles

43,335 Metric tons of avoided CO2e emissions

That's the equivalent of taking 112,267 cars off the road each year

$3,000,000 in landfill costs

In savings for our customers

$1,400,000 in by-product rebates

Delivered to our customers