Q. What are the inclusion rates for Chocolate Feed and Candymeal in a ration?

A. 2-6 lbs/cow/day


Q. We have tried feeding chocolate before, and it was so inconsistent, How do we know that won’t be an issue again?

A. Our product is put through an advanced grinding and screening process with weekly testing to ensure a quality standardized product is delivered to your farm each time.


Q. Can we store your product in a feed bin?

A. You can store Candymeal in a bin. This is a starchier based product allowing it to be flowable in a bin. Chocolate feed is flat storage only due to a higher concentration of chocolate resulting in higher fat content therefore a sticker product.


Q. Does Graybill deliver the product? What are our trucking options?

A. Graybill Processing LLC does offer some freight solutions. We have access to walking floor/belt trailers, dump, and auger trucks to suit your freight needs.


Q. How can we use Chocolate Feed or Candymeal in a ration?

A. Our products are commonly used as a corn or cottonseed replacement. They provide a source of fat and energy in the ration.


Q. Is there a milk response?

A. Each herd sees variable results when they begin feeding Chocolate Feed or Candymeal. Common results include an increase in components, flat milk production, or a reduction in purchased feed costs.


Q. What is the ‘shelf life’ of Chocolate Feed and Candymeal? How long can we store it?

A. We see common shelf life of over 2 months.