Delivering real savings for the environment and our customers

Full Circle Solutions

The vast array of food residuals Graybill receives are used to create a high energy animal feed ration that serves as an alternative to corn. This ration not only provides substantive nutrition to livestock but further delivers an economic alternative to standard feed components for the farming community. Food residuals that would have traditionally been downcycled through landfill or compost are now being given an extended life and perpetuating circular economics through the food supply chain while delivering on the EPA standards for food recovery.

Graybill Processing’s by-product diversion efforts have saved:

13,388 Mature Trees

That’s enough timber to produce 165,877,320 sheets of newspaper

2,819,000 Kw-hr of electricity

That's enough power for the annual energy needs of 217 homes

277,800 gallons of oil

That's enough energy to heat and cool more than 1,210 homes for one year

4,200,000 gallons of water

That's enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs of 56,000 Americans

14,400 gallons of gasoline

That's enough gasoline for Americans to drive 403,200 miles

43,335 Metric tons of avoided CO2e emissions

That's the equivalent of taking 112,267 cars off the road each year

$3,000,000 in landfill costs

In savings for our customers

$1,400,000 in by-product rebates

Delivered to our customers